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ISS Emulators

[Pinned] My last Doom MMO Montage! <3 (music edit)

Give it 10 minutes or so to generate 1080p, enjoy!
Small Worrun 2y
Worrun71997Member avatar small ARROWSKAHHH 250d
ISS Emulators

[Pinned] *sheds a single tear*

Newz has it's first item set - all made by me :)
Small Worrun 2y
Worrun183064Small Worrun 2y
Worrun8428Small Razziel 62d
ISS Emulators

AlphaMMO [COMING IN NOVEMBER] 2017 - old emulator WarZ Alpha

GAME COMING : November ONLINEWebsite: during work ! Forum: during work !Facebook private : AlphaMMO - Join after accepting admin - 3k people !Official private group on Facebook: AlphaMMO - Join after accepting admin - 3k people !Server status: s...
Member avatar small Ju1ce 98d
Ju1ce13892Small Westen 96d
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ISS Emulators

Days After Dead - Old style PVP emulator

Hello guys, today i would like to show you our game which is Days After Dead.I am pretty sure that a lot of you guys miss old styled PVP in WarZ and that's why we made this emulator. It's based on Alpha source, but its heavily modified to fit toda...
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ARROWSKAHHH733543Small Charlie 112d
ISS Emulators

Small ElChupacabra 2y
ElChupacabra176600Small Charlie 219d
ISS Emulators

FearZ - Excited to play all the time full stuff?

You want to see again the experience of the game "WarZ/Infestation" , You're tired of the pvp servers and to see all the players with the Custom , VSS ..., with no objective ? You want to see again the stress of lost your equipment , so you want t...
Member avatar small COR3 2y
COR3232538Small Charlie 238d
ISS Emulators

DOOM MMO - The Best Emulator ever made.

idc what any of u people say, this emulator was the shit.
Small Slaying 284d
Slaying301379Member avatar small Alvaro$ 279d
ISS Emulators

NewZ gear giveaway

I really do not play anymore NewZ and I rather give it to clannies. I do not have my member permissions on TS anymore also so I can contact clannies on TS. Anyways I have a lot of snipers and sniper ammo and gear. Some rare stuff, GC, GD, etc. ...
Small Innovator 2y
Innovator11916Small wh1te1337 2y
ISS Emulators

Skin ideas :)

Hiya peeps, I'd post this in the NewZ section but I'm doing it for LSZ :pJust learned how to do some skinning of stuff ingame, and was wondering if you guys could give me some cool skin ideas. (preferably something newz hasn't done already so peop...
Small Ninjagonepro 2y
Ninjagonepro141035Small Volwer 2y
ISS Emulators

LSZ (Zmmo remake) release!

As a few of you know / may not know, We've released LSZ again, with the feel of ZMMO, as we've added back gun packs and everything. download: http://getaccoun...
Small Ninjagonepro 2y
Ninjagonepro6874Small Worrun 2y
ISS Emulators

QuarantineZ | Yet Another Emulator Of Mine.

Hey guys! Decided to edit the post to be a bit professional.So, here's my WarZ server - QuarantineZ. It has a lot of cool things, including a case system, Battle royale, Wasteland, and eventually a deathmatch system. It's using Vigil Anticheat, th...
Original m70b1jr 2y
m70b1jr151553Small Tom 2y
ISS Emulators

NewZ first montage montage. first major edit, hope you all enjoy :D
Small Marz 2y
Marz8789Small Dimitrios21 2y
ISS Emulators

Montage #3 *LESH FUKIN GO* so much fun making this. enjoy :)
Small Rep K 2y
Rep K16983Small Dimitrios21 2y
ISS Emulators

NewZ Montage #4 By Xale
Small Xale 2y
Xale3406Small Xale 2y
ISS Emulators

NewZ Application

Hello my name is Kevin and I was recently recommended by two of your members to send an application into hopefully joining your clan today.-I have played ISS and many emulators over the years and believe to be a very skilled pvp player. I probabl...
Member avatar small kev1616 2y
kev16166688Small Worrun 2y
ISS Emulators

going on holidays

i will be off from 14.08. - 27.08.
Small xCrIpZx 2y
xCrIpZx161042Small Shadowwolf 2y
ISS Emulators

First NewZ montage!

My first ever made montage so pls dont blame my bad video editing :D
Small SirFrostNL 2y
SirFrostNL3302Small SirFrostNL 2y
ISS Emulators

Applications for Emulators?

I was wondering, do we have to apply to play emulators? For example NewZ? I can presume as much but where would we apply? and is recruitment closed for it?
Small Shadow 2y
Shadow5653Small Charlie 2y
ISS Emulators

newz montage #7 (back in business!)

Small Worrun 2y
Worrun3402Small Erckul 2y