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NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

[Pinned] NewZ PvP Rules!! MUST READ!

Everyone who wishes to PvP with us must read these following rules and reply by saying "understood" - otherwise you can't join us in PvP.1. Loot stealing is strictly forbidden and will result in a ban. If something is missing from your loot you ca...
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[Pinned] Newz Prices
NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

[Pinned] Newz Prices

So i noticed alot of people dont really know prices of some things. And the wiki prices are so off and unrealistic its sad. And since im on the discord every day making bread (money) here is the secret. The procces is the sniper named followed by ...
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[Pinned] NewZ Price List
NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

[Pinned] NewZ Price List

This is my own opinion, please feel free to add suggestions in the comments if you have a good idea of a price of a certain item. I wanted to create the list so new players having an understanding of the going price for certain items. Don't get ch...
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NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

Re Open Normal NewZ recruiting??

I started to get back into NewZ and stuff. It still isnt great but running solo is kinda boring. Me and Voimis are about the only fags that play it atm. So idk i was thinking maybe we could re open the REGULAR NewZ recruiting section. Not the surv...
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NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

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NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

Playing newz again?

I am playing but nobody on ts :(yesterday Chupa and I had some fun!join us for some games :)
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NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

CAN I join Clan BIXA

Hello:My name: KiếnMy country: VietNameseMy age: 15---------------------------------------------------I can play EU NA HK serverEU 200-300ping-NA 200-300ping-HK 30-40pingIngame: UKDIEREP: -1577020KDR:1.68I really want to join BIXAGAMING
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NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

My NewZ Clan Application

Can I join the NewZ clan? The reason for this is because I have been finding a NewZ clan to work with and dominate other clans with so yeah thats it. My NewZ username: awr25. Have a nice day.
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NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

i can join clan

i play severs HK25 yea+138000kdr 1.87ING: CROSSFIЯEi love BIXA
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NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]


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NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

Why thai clans still play it?

I have played some runs after months... didn't do bad thou, first run 3 kills in bank :3but then my last run was against 11 ppl thai clanwtf? -.-still, not bad for some pvps from time to time ;)
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NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

"Giving" my NewZ gear away

Message me in private to "get" some gear
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NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

Will probably give you cancer. Warning: If you're not a weeb. you'll probably die
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NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

a call to arms!

I would like to see if anyone out there in BIXA land would like to do a play in a strong hold? I know we all have issues with the game, but I think it would be fun to chat and play even if its just once in a great while! Any takers?
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NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

I will be coming back soon

I'm coming back soon guys. I tried over clocking my GPU for the first time and it started smoking and I kinda fried it soooooo. Yea :)
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NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

Westen - No shotgun is better than a sniper

Hello everyone !Here is my ultimate and probably only fragmovie ever.I hope you're gonna enjoy it :)
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NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

Dutchie saying ''Peace out''

Thanks for the time bois, see that im finally removed. Left the in-game clan on 1 character just because bugui took shit on me and so i went to play with some dutch fellas. didn't join any other community but w/e just remove me coz of multiclan. H...
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NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

something I noticed

I have noticed a lot of time the TS is empty and newz players are rare! were did everyone go! we were play newz for a while and now its a ghost town!
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NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

First montage, tell how good or how bad it is :D!!
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NewZ Discussion [Not Recruiting, fkoff]

rank 1 rewards

lmao look at this shit -i hope all the try hards are ready to receive their brotherhood fun edition, 4x random fn scars and their 600gc which allows u to buy a very nice custom guerilla gold ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) kek xDDDDDDDDDDDD
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