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League of Legends Applications

[Pinned] Application Format

A QUICK HISTORY OF BIXABixa Gaming is a very diverse collection of humans and creatures. We started out as a small group in WarZ back in ~2012-2013. We quickly grew to become one of the best clans in the game, and as the game inevitably died due t...
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League of Legends Applications

I'm back 3 years later to try again

Real Name: Eddie Nickname: Don't have Age: 17-18 in 1 monthLocation: Sofia, BulgariaTime Zone: EETSummoner Name(s): Yöung Sinatra Server: EUNE Preferred Role(s): Can play anything but i prefer adc/mid mostly Current Rank: Going between P3-4 Peak R...
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League of Legends Applications

League of Legends Application

Real Name: JoshNickname: TazAge: 28Location: TN Time Zone: CSTSummoner Name(s): XenionServer: USAPreferred Role(s): Top/Mid Current Rank: Have not tried rank in a long timePeak Rank: "" ""Who is your fa...
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League of Legends Applications

I'd like to see some newbie players

Honestly, one of the reasons I'm not playing League anymore is because everyone is waaaay above me.Now, I don't want to play with good players and learn from them - I want to play with other newbs and learn myself, at the same pace and alongside t...
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League of Legends Applications

Leauge of Legends application

Real Name: Federico Nickname: FredAge: 17Location: USATime Zone: EastSummoner Name(s): MLG BadServer: USAPreferred Role(s): ADC, Jungle, MidCurrent Rank: Silver 4Peak Rank: Silver 4Who is your favorite champion: VayneYouTube/Twitch Channel? Plug y...
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League of Legends Applications

My league application

Nick Name: donnapearson02 One of the must have apps that any Android device should have is a music player and fortunately, there are many alternatives to pick from. One of such apps is Shuttle Music Player on Play Store DownloadRead more: download...
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League of Legends Applications

[NA] Hayu Application

Nickname: DaeAge: 19Location: PennsylvaniaTime Zone: ESTSummoner Name(s): Hayu Server: NAPreferred Role(s): Support, ADCCurrent Rank: Plat IVPeak Rank: Plat IIIWho is your favorite champion: Janna/MorgAre you more of a casual or serious player?: c...
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League of Legends Applications

Big Tuna application

Real Name: Geoff CagleNickname: Big TunaAge: 16Location: ChicagoTime Zone: centralSummoner Name(s): bagleismServer: NAPreferred Role(s): ADC SupportCurrent Rank: unrankedPeak Rank: never determinedWho is your favorite champion:Jinx/ThreshYouTub...
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League of Legends Applications

Application Form

Real Name: John Philip InfantinoNickname: JpAge: 23Location: Canada,MontrealTime Zone:EstSummoner Name(s): Fuking GuyServer: NAPreferred Role(s): Top,JungleCurrent Rank: Gold 2Peak Rank: Plat 4Who is your favorite champion: Riven 520k xpYouTube/Tw...
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League of Legends Applications

NA Lynhov League app(Accepted)

Real Name: LynNickname: Your not allowed to call me anything else. <3Age: 23Location: Renton - Just outside SeattleTime Zone: PSTSummoner Name(s): LynhovServer: North America!Preferred Role(s): Honestly, I play them all. ADC is most likely my b...
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League of Legends Applications

Qourters Application (ACCEPTED)

Real Name: TylerAge: 20Location: CaliforniaSummoner Name: Qourters Level: 30Server Location: NAPreferred Role(s): Top/MidCurrent ELO/League: Gold 3Ranked StatsPlease post a link to your LoLking/ page-
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League of Legends Applications

Na Greekstrategist LoL application

Real Name: ChristianAge: 25Summoner Name: GreekstrategistLevel: 30Preferred Role(s): Anything but top.Current ELO/League: GoldPlease post a link to your LoLking page- InformationWho is your most pl...
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League of Legends Applications

NA Limboo LoL Application

Real Name: ChadAge: 25Summoner Name: LimbooLevel: 30Preferred Role(s): Mid, Bot, Top(im actually a top ;) lmao)Current ELO/League: Gold IINormals StatsTakedowns: 71620Monster/Minion Kills: 539928Wins: 2428Losses:2205Ranked StatsPlease post a link ...
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League of Legends Applications

NA PeanutPuck Application (ACCEPTED)

Real Name: Cameron MasonAge: 16Location: Texas U.S.Summoner Name: Peanut PuckLevel: 30Server Location: NAPreferred Role(s): JungleCurrent ELO/League: Diamond VRanked StatsPlease post a link to your LoLking/ page-
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League of Legends Applications

NA Miss Carried Application

Real Name: NoahAge:18Location: NYSummoner Name:Miss CarriedLevel:30Server Location:NAPreferred Role(s):JungleCurrent ELO/League: Plat VRanked StatsPlease post a link to your LoLking/ page- ...
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League of Legends Applications

NA Necrous Application

Real Name: VincentAge: 18Location: New York, USASummoner Name: Necrosis VenomLevel: 30Server Location: NAPreferred Role(s): I prefer mid and support but I enjoy all positions.Current ELO/League:Gold 3Ranked StatsPlease post a link to your LoLking/...
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League of Legends Applications

NA Shadax Application

Real Name: MattAge: 19Location: New York, USASummoner Name: ShadaxLevel: 30Server Location: NAPreferred Role(s): ADC/Mid Main, preferred champions are Jinx/Kog for ADC, and Annie/Diana for Mid.Current ELO/League: Season 4 Silver IV, Season 5 Plati...
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League of Legends Applications

Na Application[Accepted]

Real Name: TinoAge:16Location: ConnecticutSummoner Name: League or LifeLevel:30Server Location: NaPreferred Role(s): Have been a top lane main for about 3 seasons now but am starting to veer towards jungle. Current ELO/League: Diamond 4 season 5, ...
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League of Legends Applications

Na: Application

Real Name: Hussein^2Age:17(18 in 2 months)Location: OntarioSummoner Name: FuryoftheiceLevel:30Server Location: NaPreferred Role(s): mid/jungle starting to play topCurrent ELO/League: Plat 4 season 5, plat 5(in promos) season 6Looking for that diam...
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League of Legends Applications

[EUW] Diamond Application (Declined)

Real Name: AbedAge: 18Location: JordanSummoner Name: Dìamond JunglerLevel:30Server Location: Europe WestPreferred Role(s): Jungle, TopCurrent ELO/League: 2232 Lolking score /Diamond 5Ranked StatsPlease post a link to your LoLking/ page-http:/...
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