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#10393432 Dec 10, 2014 at 06:31 PM · Edited 8 years ago
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Hey guys,

Just wanted to make a quick thread to thank each and every last one of you that bought the hoodies!

I also will say that the campaign creator (me) is awarded a $1 per hoodie sold (as encouragement to use their website over others I guess)

Now, here is a list of the beautiful people that bought their own, very first and very unique Bixa Hoodie!
(list is not accurate as it doesn't say who, I'm just going by the previous thread)

  1. Warren,
  2. Slaying,
  3. Silenterror,
  4. Carl(Pyrex),
  5. Voimis ATHX,
  6. Tom,
  7. aerospacegamer,
  8. Pigula,
  9. King Nicholas,
  10. akamalipc,
  11. Sowpotty,
  12. Wolfyy
  13. Erckul,
  14. Deaven,
  15. SEAASER,
  16. J-P,
  17. Ninjagonepro,
  18. Silent,
  19. Shadowwolf,
  20. Moss
  21. Drafezz
  22. Neo Skytek
  23. Jenner
  24. Cecille
  25. Darrick
  26. Burrows

Each of those boys and girls above are the true sons and daughters of Skyrim Bixa guys, proud to wear their modern-day Tabard! #respect #family

And those of you who didn't, don't worry! You will die in a fire and burn in hell for all eternity #cunts but that is up to the Gods to deal with, not me!

<3 Great job everybody, can't wait to get mine and take queer selfies all day

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