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#10408861 Dec 14, 2014 at 05:45 PM · Edited 8 years ago
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Hey guys, just going to briefly go over some of the changes and things we've discussed in today's meeting:

Demotions & Kicks:
  • Alumani - Alumani has stepped down from Adviser due to some personal issues heavily restricting his time and availability.
  • Kozik - Kozik will remain as a general officer (no specific game) #ISS for now and we will see how things go with H1Z1 and other games in the future
  • BK - Demoted to [Friend]
  • Burnie - Kicked due to inactivity
  • Lightning Arc - WarZ Tag removed as accepted for another game
  • Dark3ra - Accepted for Miscreated but more fitting to just have a [Friend] tag
  • Demaking - Inactivity/Real Life
  • AwesomeSauce - Removed WarZ Tag due to applying for League and not WarZ
  • Prismatic - Removed from clan because of attitude/rage
  • Chr1z - Kicked. Who?
  • CraftEvolution - Kicked due to inactivity
  • Yolojohn - Kicked due to inactivity
  • EpicLupo - Kicked due to "who?"
  • MarZA7X - Kicked due to "who?"
  • MiniKord - Kicked due to "who?"
  • RhNecro - Accepted for Miscreated but more fitting to just have a [Friend] tag
  • Tobsen - Removed, accepted for Doom MMO but that's gone
WarZ Trials:
  • Bizzkit/Claus - Declined
  • Prime - Declined
Tags & Server Group changes:
  • People who's application has been declined will no longer be able to join Teamspeak as a friend and actively play the game they applied for - if so, their play-time will be heavily restricted and they won't be able to have the tag.
  • People who were accepted for games other than WarZ will no longer be granted the tag without applying - those with no wish of applying are free to play in the Guest Channel with anyone they like
  • CSGO server group removed
  • Miscreated server group removed
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