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How is everyone?

Hey im back ;P I created this thread here because i couldnt make a thread anywhere else for some reason.How is everyone? I don't know how many of you remember me but i used to play here back in the emulator days, especially deadz.I was contemplati...
Member avatar small DrafeZZ 2y
DrafeZZ71491Small xDarrick 2y
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FIFA 16 career mode

Yo, I started a new career on Crystal Palace after completely destroying everything with my Manchester United squad that included the likes of Sergio Ramos, Ronaldo and Lewandowski. Now the thing is, Crystal Palace has some terrible players up fro...
Small Voimis 6y
Voimis84765Small Slaying 5y
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No one here?

Is here nobody?? OMG
Member avatar small Unbleiveable 5y
Unbleiveable52526Small Razziel 5y
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Football transfer news

Post all the interesting transfer news and rumors under this thread!I'll start off with;Allegri likely to take over Chelsea FC by the end of the current seasonJamie Vardy just signed a new contract with Leicester City
Small Voimis 6y
Voimis3011663Small Voimis 6y
Worrun195502Small Worrun 6y
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UEFA Euro 2016 predictions and team reviews!

The UEFA Euro 2016 is getting closer and closer each day (74 days to go!) so I decided to write down short reviews of each team including their predicted finish and key players. If you're into footy let me know what you think about the teams/group...
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Voimis52133Small Voimis 6y
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Is anyone in here into UFC? If so, what do you think about Connor McGregors performance? He's going for anothers division title. Do you guys think he can actually be victorious in heavier division just using his speed?
Small PaC' 6y
PaC'82607Small Smaxy 6y
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Who you guys think is going to win 2morrow?
Small Silent 6y
Silent92709Small Silent 6y
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