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Hello goyims,We still have a daily-active whatsapp group.This group has been going since around 2014 I think but it's the last place a lot of us keep in touch, and send memes to one another, on a daily basis.If you'd like to get in on this (just d...
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[Pinned] Legendary Moments (continuation from Legendary Quotes)

So yeah, legendary moments (keep it in-game if you can, so more people can relate to it) from your time in Bixa!I'll begin:Me and Castiel, lizarding 'round at W Spawn in Clearview V1, the good old days :DMe and Belli, "bambie got that adub? tubtub...
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[Pinned] guys i was bored so i made a warz quiz take a look :D
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[Pinned] Rate the meme above you.

Because the music thread is full of linkin park and disturbed.
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[Pinned] Bixa Teamspeak Rules

1. Don't eat on the mic. If you do, prepare to die.
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Just asking the way to sauna, anyone knows?
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Upcoming 15v15 Clan War

15v15 clan war against BHD (Bodies Hit the Floor) on Saturday 29th June 5pm EST! Everyone is welcome (clan members only) and be prepared! This is a completely friendly game and win or lose doesn't matter
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This forum

Im Reviving this shit you fucks, you are gonna BE ON THIS FORUM AND LIKE IT, +1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+1 +1 +1+...
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bixa revival? like warz + pubg etc. shroud and some other streamers played itmight be interesting to give sergey another 20 bucks :P
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How to solve HP printhead missing issue?

kill niggers in the name of HP!
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NewZ Night

Ay faggots, let's get a NewZ night going Kappa.
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Xale Montage (Issue)

Whoever reported my video for copyright after I took 4 days editing and recording for it then the music was unable to be copyrighted because of the gunshots AND a public video with no repercussions of using it. Needless to say I hope to whoever go...
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The WarZ is coming again

The WarZ is coming again if some are interest in few days
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Heyo boys, been a while! What's everyone doing these days?
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is pepsi OK? leave this here , bye :D
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H1Z1 (Just Survive) Is to be discontinued!

[not that anyone really cares, but..]IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING JUST SURVIVEDear Survivors,After much review and consideration, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue development on Just Survive. On Wednesday, October 24 at 11 AM ...
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Asus Router Customer Support Number

kill niggers on behalf of asus
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Apple Customer Support & Service Number

kill niggers on behalf of asus
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WarZ Alpha Build From 2012 Show Off

Hey Bixa,I took a few hours yesterday and today to setup a clean installation of WarZ from 2012, which is the earliest known build available. I thought I wasn't the only one that could appreciate this, I definitely felt very nostalgic running thro...
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Hey Bixa,Just wanted to let everyone who it may concern that I've been developing Doom MMO from scratch, creating my own game engine in C++. Its been approximately 6 months of doing tons of research on graphics programming, as well as game engine ...
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