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If BIXA would go to war

Me, Shadowwolf and Goldy found ourselves messing around with the idea of us going to war as a clan regiment. Here are some of the ranks and jobs different members would have in our regiment:Voimis - I would probably be doing what I did in the army...
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Selling a division game-code

Hey,so I got myself a gtx 970 and with it I got a free copy of Tom Clancy's The Division, I already bought the game before that on steam tho, so I can't use the code.Anyways if anyone is interested, I can sell it for 40€ (20€ cheaper).
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How to throw grenades.....KAPPA

Fucking Kerx xD
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1 inch bitches

#bowlofsalad #tossitaround
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Voimis, the golden boy

Do you guys know the feeling, when you gonna ask Voimis about something important?You will be like:You: Hey Vomis?!Voimis: NothingDAMN RIGHT, HE DOES THE WHOLE FUCKING TIME, YEAH?!But today it changed. It changed 3 times already.Today I fucked Voi...
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Need your advice/thoughts on my new website I'm creating :)

Hello ladies and gentsToday i come to you with my website thats currently being coded and designed :)The site is basically kind of like elitepvpers black market section. ( difference between the tw...
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I need help!

Hey guys,I joined Bixa in april last year and now, since I have changed my setup I'm a guest on the TS3 server.Am I using the wrong server or is it just a glitch?Thanks for the replies.
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IRL Finnish food challenge with Pac! is visiting me for 3 days and he wanted to try some Finnish salmiakki (a type of candy, kinda like liquorice)
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[RePost] The origin of Bixa (the name) 1,337 Hue.
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Miss this so much

Odl vid but i miss war z so much
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there's someone next to you plays a knocking sound in your right ear phone and you'll probably think someone is at your door)
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The Walking Dead EP 16

It was fucking amazingwatch all the episodes here -:
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New WW2 FPS game :o
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Gonna lifestram a bit this week

hi boys im gonna lifestream a bit this week sinde im at antixg4mers home planing to da a 24h stream spme love to youre boy neo <3
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Away for some days

I'm gonna be away from my PC for like 2 or 3 days due to some important tests i need to study for, try to have fun without me Kappa
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What kind of insect is this?

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Halo Online - New Halo Game for PC (leaked from Russia) [DOWNLOAD][GUIDE][VIDEO]

Hey guys,Having been a life-long Halo fan it's my pleasure to bring you this shit!I just hopped in-game this morning after downloading it and recorded a snippet of gameplay just to show you guys what it's like, as I'm busy today I don't have time ...
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Digital gaming sales hit record $61 billion in 2015
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