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Go to the following videos and thumb-up the Bixa comments!Let the world know that Bixa glorified the dropshot in WarZ
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This survey made me laugh

Really HP?
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SEAASER133222Small sweted 9y
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What Am I ?

I'm a Trial ?I'm a Member?I'm ok with Trial, If I can just go to TS and play with you guys and friends that I made so far. Just want to know my "rank":)
Small Walker 9y
Walker82157Small Walker 9y
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Hot fix April 17th

Posted Today, 07:28 PMWe will be bringing the servers down at 4:30pm pst -8gmt for a hotfix. The servers should be down for an estimated 30-60minutes. Fix for several exploits.Fixed Zombie pathing at splinter camp.Fixed a bug that would, at times,...
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Recruitment Closed?

Closed yet new trials every week?
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Item spawns...

Finally they're fixed, I've found so many backpacks and good guns. The only thing that isnt spawning is ammo and body armor. Kstyles are common though.
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Anyone need a video intro?

If anyone need's one let me know, I'm sure there's other people in the clan that can/will help you out as well and if you can will you please post here to let people know that you too can make one for them? Everyone in Bixa who puts up content on ...
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Hunger Games Variants for War Z or Minecraft (360/PC)

Who would be interested in playing something like this? I have a map set up on 360 and can get one set up on PC for Minecraft.
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Saturdays Clan battle..

I was able to fraps the second round.. Was fun.
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We had an amazing day of clan battles!! ALOT of ppl showed up and we rocked it out. warren zorak silent and i will be setting up many more in the future! Again ty to all who came and made it a blast! FU PIG
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Founding and senior bixa

The members from the start areWarren, Dan, akam, zorak, razziel, Kerx, pedro. the senior members that have been with us pretty much right after that are all of HOOD (remis merri zack norcal amanda) Lex, Che norris, nick lamar,Hoping that all of yo...
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Clash of Clans

It's called Bixano donating goblins or wall breakers or you'll be kicked.
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i has 2 arma 3 lite keys to give away

who wants em??
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Post Your Loot!

Figured I'd start a thread for peeps to show off their best finds, whether it be from PVP-ing or loot runs.Went into Clearview with an M4 and came out with all of this :D
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Another day pvping with the bixa clan!
Small Felix 9y
Felix1622Small Felix 9y
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any one who plays dayz i have a server this is the ip and pm me for the pass bye
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Next week on walking dead
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ANTiCR3ATOR's Videos!

Hello everyone! I've made a few videos for Forge and I would like you to check it out. I really enjoy the game and hope you enjoy as well :D! I'll be making a load of videos as well if you wish to subscribe!Here is a link:
Small ANTiCR3ATOR 9y