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How to drink your morning coffee in Norway
Small Muslingen 6y
Muslingen71667Small Red Eye Jedi 6y
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Your dream car?

For me, it changes every year, but currently I'd love one of these :DCadillac CTS-VShelby MustangToyota Supra
Small Worrun 7y
Worrun2610258Small Voimis 6y
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I got banned

I am really sad
Small chrisEVE 6y
chrisEVE4416200Small PaC' 6y
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My farewell

Yo guys i think its time for my farewell been a great time playing with you all and as sadance said all funny mother fuckers and been the best clan i have joined by far but i feel like i want to move on and play else where and maybe meet you guys ...
Member avatar small Mattybhoy 6y
Mattybhoy204334Member avatar small Mattybhoy 6y
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It's not Goodbye, It's See Ya Later

Hello All!I wanted to take this time to let everyone know that I will be moving on to another gaming community. It has been quite difficult to find Bixa members to game with being that most NewZ players are in a different time zone. I don't want t...
Member avatar small Sadance 6y
Sadance237188Small VinnyX 6y
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Small Razziel 6y
Razziel2747Small Worrun 6y
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Goodbye guys !

I loved you all :) with some exceptions ( chupa) So many awesome members left sadly. Slaying knows what I mean why chupa is an ignorant guy ( maybe cuz his country is undemocratic crap?)Bye guys <3Joey <3
Small chrisb591 6y
chrisb591122847Small Elena 6y
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It has been fun....

Four score and seven years One year ago our fathers Flying Spaghetti Monster brought forth on this continent, a new nation Meme master, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men Memes are created equal.Now we are engaged ...
Small Jpl187 6y
Jpl187101946Small Jpl187 6y
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Cruise time :D

Going away for 10 days due to a cruise I'll be doing with my family. Not sure if they have good interwebz there but if they do I'll still be active on the forums and shit.They have a few pics of the boat in this website if you guys wanna check it ...
Small VinnyX 6y
VinnyX82797Small Burrows 6y
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Razer peripherals will be on 50% off
Small Silent 6y
Silent91977Small Silent 6y
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Stopped by to say hello

How is everyone? :D
Member avatar small Dreamphaser 6y
Dreamphaser102231Small LuulaBee 6y
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GoldenEye 007 Meets Unreal Engine 4 - Facility

SlimJim showed me this earlier. This is awesome!!
Small Silent 6y
Silent0478Small Silent 6y
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Trying to catch me riding dirty

http:// across this after looking at the channels I'm subbed to, legit the funniest thing ever
Small VinnyX 6y
VinnyX81764Small Red Eye Jedi 6y
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Anyone fancy starting up a bit of GTA V again?

Sup peeps,Been playing some GTA V at a friend's house lately and it has gotten me really back into the game, so fancied getting a group of people - however many - but 4 perfectly active people (myself included) for heists would be great.Since we l...
Small Worrun 6y
Worrun112373Small ElChupacabra 6y
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Forum Game... Most likely to _____________

The name of this forum game is to answer the question of the person above you. These questions can apply to either clan members, friends, or famous streamers. Then after your answer, you create a question of your own for the next person. I'll star...
Small Jpl187 6y
Jpl187378938Member avatar small FreeRichie 6y
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Coming back

I might be coming back to newz in a few days as I'm heading back to my sisters where my pc awaits yeahhh boyyyy
Member avatar small Mattybhoy 6y
Mattybhoy81728Member avatar small Mattybhoy 6y
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What the fuck did i just watch (share the most WTF videos)

I made this as an idea for people to share the most fucked up videos they see on youtubeHere is one
Small TyranXP 6y
TyranXP82473Member avatar small Dyness 6y
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This is fucking sorcery

So i was randomly hopping from video to video on youtube you know how it goes and i suddenly come to a video of a guy using a webpage that is supposedly the Web Genius and holy fucking shait this shit is freaking me the fuck out. Either I'm a fuck...
Small m1kkis 6y
m1kkis71473Small TyranXP 6y
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Happy New Years!!!

Happy new years to everyone, I hope you all have a good year and for more of the best years to come, much love <3 <3Love from Elena the Kangaroo
Small Elena 6y
Elena173527Small Asi 6y
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New Survival game coming in alpha soon!

The attention to detail and the graphics look beautiful. I hope the gunplay is just as good.Make sure you sign up for the beta.
Small GamingWithDon 6y
GamingWithDon267595Small sark1337 6y