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(Aug 09, 2013)
Clan war Saturday 1pm EST!
(Aug 09, 2013)
or PM me :D
(Aug 08, 2013)
or PM me ;-)
(Aug 08, 2013)
PM me for the new TS password
(Aug 08, 2013)
Site theme will be under testing randomly today - trying different things :)
(Aug 07, 2013)
Clanwar postponed for 1 hour! 2pm EST 7pm GMT
(Aug 07, 2013)
Update on trials
(Aug 06, 2013)
CLAN WAR 1pm EST WED Cotton again
(Aug 05, 2013)
(Aug 04, 2013)
Recruitment now closed!
(Aug 04, 2013)
We only have a couple more slots left for WarZ before we close recruitment! Get your friends to apply, or apply yourself if you've been waiting!
(Aug 01, 2013)
Great clan battle today! Was fun and much needed, I will make sure we keep them coming
(Jul 31, 2013)
Anyone who hasn't please post a picture in our picture thread or just browse to get to know us better!
(Jul 30, 2013)
This thread is still ongoing so please take the time to read it:
(Jul 29, 2013)
Recruitment is opening on: Wednesday 31st July 2013!
(Jul 27, 2013)
Had a successful stronghold today.
(Jul 25, 2013)
New Video wat